Note Number 53…Feed the Birds…It’s all About the Snow…And Ice…

Note Number 53…Feed the Birds…It’s all About the Snow…And Ice…

Fed up with twitter, Facebook and Instagram with nothing but #snow #ice #weather? Me too. But…I had to jump on the bandwagon.

frozen field

I took the dog in the field this morning but it was like a frozen lake…she could only slip about even though she was trying to run. In the end she walked in my footprints. 

Here she is on the left paws on top of the snow then in my footprints…poor doggy 

‘Feed the birds!’ everyone is shouting. So I thought I should. I purchased a couple of fat bird balls (no rude comments please) in the farm shop yesterday morning and gallantly stepped out of my doorway this morning to place one on the garden table. I didn’t even get further than a metre, down I went, falling on my back into the icy snow, banging my head on the stone doorstep. What an idiot! But how wonderful to live in this little hamlet in Dorset. I phoned the neighbour, only because I thought I should tell someone what had happened in case I passed out. Not only did one neighbour come round the others came too, when they heard the news. I hope the bloody birds eat the f*****g food. Not seen a solitary one go for it yet. Perhaps I should have served coffee too?

feed the birds

Cartoon thanks to Seppo Leinonen Sepponet





New York, New York…it’s a wonderful town…(for some)

New York, New York…it’s a wonderful town…(for some)

Manhattan View 1 jpgOlivespastavino is in New York City with The Man. The Man doesn’t go much on New York although he seems to be warming to it slightly. He doesn’t like the noise, the subway, the lumpy sidewalks (pavements for those who don’t understand the lingo)…AND…he especially cannot abide the tipping culture. He has moaned constantly about having to give between 15% and 20% on top of any restaurant bill.

It was beginning to get us all down and restricting us from going out for coffee or to eat because he was being such a ‘grumpy old man’ but, then we were saved by ‘The General Greene’ where the service was good, the food delicious and the guy behind the bar is from Liverpool and extremely helpful and liked proper football. So it was decided by The Man that perhaps tipping was okay in this establishment.

I hope we don’t get bored only visiting the one place over the next week or so…

But wait! The Man is going to watch baseball for a few days, a little mini tour; New York, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia…

Hoorah! (in the words of my friend Linda from Tuscany) we can visit a different bar and restaurant every day whilst The Man is away.

PS…why is it I’m always walking the dog in the rain? This morning (Monday 20th) Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn – taken by The Man who was also there, shivering and enjoying himself in his own inimitable way….

My raincoat hood would not stay put as it had no fastenings, hence I had to tie my scarf around my neck on the outside of the coat in a not very NYC style…(good job the rest of the population were sensibly inside!


Out with the dog this morning...
Out with the dog this morning…

Whether the weather be fine Or whether the weather be not, Whether the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot, We’ll weather the weather Whatever the weather, Whether we like it or not


It’s been a long winter this year in Italy, even though we managed to escape for a couple of weeks to Thailand in December where the sun shone and the temperature was warm on most days.

The sun shining on me in Thailand...
The sun shining on me in Thailand…

Last week in Le Marche at the end of March the sky was blue and I thought the winter had ended. It’s now April and today is Easter Sunday…and…it’s pouring with rain, misty and cold…at least 10 degrees colder than last week.

Blossom and blue sky, March 2015 Italy
Blossom and blue sky, March 2015 Italy

I know it is widely said that the English are obsessed with the weather but the fact is the weather determines your mood – well I think it does. So during the winter or bad weather you have to work hard to make yourself feel happy. That’s what we’re doing today. I’ve been out with the dog, she got wet and so did I but the pleasure in that is coming back home, drying off, having a hot drink and being glad you are lucky enough to have a lovely home. I am very aware that there are many people in this world who are not as lucky as me so complaining about the weather is very petty.   You can’t change it so go with it… Now the lunch is cooking (slow braised lamb in red wine), the fire is lit and it’s time to relax, read, write, play cards and enjoy our one chocolate Easter egg – The Man and I are sharing; sharing is caring. The forecast for next week is changeable, so my mood will be too. Friday’s looking good! News on the writing front is that I was short listed in the Fish Publishing Memoir Competition – down to 90 out of an original 780. A boost to my confidence for sure. I’ve written lots of ‘bits’ of my memoir, the test now is to find a common link, join it all together and make a book of it. The novel is coming along. That’s what I plan to do this afternoon, at least 3,000 words…after lunch and chocolate of course… Happy April everyone, wherever you are and whatever the weather… PS I was in New York a couple of weeks ago and there it was still extremely even snowed! SnowNYC