Note Number 89…It’s all about the writing…

I cannot believe it’s nearly the end of January. I know many people are saying that it’s been a long one, but for me it has flown. Those who know me will understand that January is not a good month for me and this year has been a little more difficult because it’s the 10th anniversary of the loss of my lovely son, Tosh. I have TToshweeted and Instagrammed and Facebooked photos etc., I’m just going to post one photo here, to remind you all what a handsome bloke he was. 

This blog is all about the writing. I have been handwriting and typing my little fingers off all month — well for a couple of years actually — there have been Zoom workshops about memoir writing, poetry writing, how to pitch your book to an agent and how to write a proposal.

I’ve been concentrating on memoir because that is what I’m writing. For the tenth anniversary, I’m completing a memoir about losing Tosh. the book’s working title, (which I think I’ll keep) is Dear Tosh. I’ve written a series of letters to him, telling him how things were from my side, when he had that fatal accident in Portugal. I’ve also brought him up to date with family events, and a few world events, over the last ten years. Obviously a lot has happened: births, deaths, marriages, the usual stuff.

It’s been quite a learning curve when it comes to editing, with so many chapter re-writes and redrafting,  but I think I’m nearly there. It’s been an interesting journey and even though an emotional ride I have to admit that I am also enjoying it. It is like spending time with him for part of each day. I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s finished…perhaps I’ll just carry on.

Writing has become a habit. A good habit. Which is exactly what you have to get into if you want to complete a book of any kind. I now write morning pages each day and a journal in the evening, when I remember. During the day I scribble away creating poetry or editing and redrafting the work in progress. I used to hate the editing side of writing, preferring to just create, but for the memoir, I’m loving the process of reading, checking, changing, cutting, adding, moving sections around, and generally tidying it all up. 

I’ll update you with the progress of the memoir and if I get any publishing deals that I can’t refuse, you will all be the first to know. I hope Tosh would approve of the book.

Stay safe everyone.


18 thoughts on “Note Number 89…It’s all about the writing…

  1. Well done, what a great memoir to be writing. And I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying the editing process! Not too late to apply for a sub editing role at The Times!

  2. A really positive way to spend January in a new and beautiful location, and allow your mind as well as your creativity to flourish with good thoughts. I’m sure your lovely boy would approve…….

  3. Inspiring and moving in equal measure. I cannot wait to have the book in my hand – Courage ma brave !

  4. Well done Ninette. I too love the process of editing, but you do have to have some test to work with.
    Glad you’ve been creating writing habits. Nice work.
    Love, Hugh xx

    1. Thanks Hugh. Loving Editing is a new one on me, but I think editing the memoir is a whole lot different to editing fiction, which I just got bored with. ‘See’ you soon. x

  5. Good luck with the memoir! Tosh would be pleased and proud of you too. Put me down for a copy X

  6. Well done on surviving a tough month and getting your writing mojo firing on all cylinders.. It’s hard to be so disciplined so I’m pleased for you. Can’t wait to read it! Xx

  7. Nineteen I know Tosh would approve ! I smile when on one anniversary of his passing, I messaged you offering thoughts, and you told me I had the date wrong ! I felt so bad but you told me one of our dates was when the machine was turned off. Anyway the message is the same as then, sending love to you both xxx

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