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I’ll tell you what’s on my mind. My children and my grandchildren. I’m worried about their future. I know that history tells us there has always been something for us to worry about, but we NEVER learn from history. I now have some idea of what it must have been like for my parents and grandparents when WW1 and WW2 were looming. I am genuinely afraid that something awful is going to happen within the next five years.

I don’t know what I can do about today’s situation re Brexit and Trump. I’m worried about both of these things and worrying about it doesn’t help the situation. I haven’t marched on any demonstrations and I haven’t shared many political opinion posts on FB. I’m a bit rubbish at standing up for what I believe in I suppose, but I think more than 75% of us are probably the same. I feel threatened by what’s happening but have a cowardly approach towards doing anything constructive about it. I think it’s my age but then I see plenty of people older than me marching and ranting. I am, in short, a wimp. I dread turning on my iPad in the morning to read the news. Who is hating who? What has Trump done now? What’s Putin up to? How many men, women and children have died during my night?…and I am appalled at what I see…Climate Change…there’s another problem. The world is in a tempestuous state and I don’t like it.

I know that the media has become good at selling us dubious news, but Donald Trump IS A FACT and the stuff he’s churning out is terrifying. I have been lucky. Born in 1950 I have had the best of peacetime in the 20th and 21st centuries (so far), in the United Kingdom. I do know that while there has been no, ‘war’ going on here, on our soil, we have been involved in them overseas. I am ignorant of the facts however. I am also ignorant about the real issues behind Brexit. I voted to REMAIN…because I want a united Europe and I believe that the EU was the best way to keep Europe united. I know that the EU has many problems but I think we should have stayed in and sorted them from within. I think that LEAVING…is going to cost us a great deal both economically and socially. I don’t profess to have a political understanding about any of this, but then do many of us? Probably not…but we still voted.

I have a naïve attitude, I want all the people in the world to love each other and to live in peace together. Isn’t that what every normal person wants? But of course, this can never be because there is always, GREED, POWER and RELIGION…In my humble opinion these, three little words cause all the problems. I don’t think I’m greedy, I don’t want power over anybody or anything, and although I don’t have a particular religion that I believe in I’m quite happy for anyone to follow one of their own choosing. Why can’t all mankind think like this?

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  1. OK – To answer your questions and concerns

    1 The only people who can rein-in that mad bastard are the US Judiciary – but – if Yer Man fires them all ……..
    2 Putin is another megalomaniac but seems to be close to The D at the moment – although Iran might kybosh that little tete-a-tete ……
    3 Violent and painful death worldwide is, as you say, a function of Greed, Power & Religion – on that score things seem to be getting worse and nations are becoming more polarised – not much hope there then …. sorry ….
    4 Climate change was apparently being accepted by most of the world’s more open regimes but if the big hitters aren’t on the programme (and they don’t seem to be any more!) then I fear it’s all she wrote for mankind – probably within 100 years … the planet will regenerate herself though never fear – probably within 10 million years.
    5 Brexit was a totally mismanaged and completely unnecessary sideshow engineered by Cameron to placate his fascist backstabbers and to remain in power another few years and YES the EU is a completely corrupt basket case and needs root and branch reform. No-one knows what the fallout will be – just as all the fatcat economists and bankers didn’t spot the last recession and are too busy rumping the taxpayer to spot the next one – BUT the only turkeys currently voting for Christmas are …. YES – the settled immigrants and white trash Americans who made the difference for trump …. and are they going to get the kicking of a lifetime soon!!

    Do let me know if I can help with anything else

    1. Thanks for the answers…glad you didn’t hold back GB….time you got your own blog to rant on methinks…Oh you have, you just don’t get around to posting on it! 🙂

  2. ahhhh … good point well made – I was of the opinion that “everything has been said already but obviously nobody was listening then, so we will have to say it all again” (Andre Gide quoted in The Week)

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