Busy Baking Biscakes…


Today I wanted to be busy in the kitchen so I began by preparing some bread and whilst it was proving I took the dog for a walk. When I got back the bread was ready for the second proving bit. In the meantime, The Man had got some help to remove a small kitchen from a room upstairs in the house. I thought I would be a good hostess and make some Scottish pancakes and ginger biscuits to give to the lads when they had a break and a cuppa.

I’d never made ginger biscuits before (here was the first mistake) and I didn’t have any golden syrup but thought I could substitute runny honey. I took the recipe from the Internet and wrote down the ingredients and amounts on a piece of card. I thought I would just shove it all in the mixer and whizz it up.

I put in the dry ingredients added the egg and whizzed. It resembled breadcrumbs, no sticking power at all. Well maybe one egg wasn’t enough, I thought, so I decided to put in some milk, whoops too much milk, oh…damn…(or words to that effect) I’d forgotten to put in the butter or the runny honey, too late for the butter it was still in the fridge but I did add the honey. Now the mixture was definitely on the liquid side, better add some more flour, oh and a bit more bicarb. The contents of the bowl resembled marzipan, but soft marzipan. I considered binning it all but thought I might as well cook some to see if it was edible.

Surprisingly, they weren’t too bad. Not aesthetically pleasing, they looked nothing like biscuits, more like flat cakes. The man and his mates loved them and gobbled them up…I named them BISCAKES…(derived from biscuits and cakes or mistakes ha!)

The moral of this story is:-

Don’t give up on something because you haven’t got it quite right, the end result might be pleasing anyway.

I’m sure some readers can think of a better moral than that so I look forward to a few comments. Oh, and don’t ask for the recipe for my BISCAKES as it was all totally thrown in and I have no idea of the amounts.

By the way, the bread turned out beautifully and the pancakes weren’t too bad either.