Isle of Wight Flying Visit…

Last week we ventured to the Isle of Wight, just for a couple of nights. The main reason for this was so that The Man and his friend (Gordon) could cycle around the island in one day (just under 7 hours actually) as a pre-run for The Man’s epic journey by bicycle from London to Paris. He’s doing it for charity so you won’t mind if I add a quick link here will you?


The Man (onthe right) and Gordon, before the 7 hour ride…I don’t have an after, I think they both collapsed somewhere in a heap.

While the men cycled the ladies visited Osborne House. Weather wise it was a breezy warm sunny day. I was keen to see around inside the house so we did this first. I haven’t added many pictures as the internal ones didn’t do it justice. It was a little crowded for our tour but nevertheless I can recommend a visit.

The Nursery in the Centre and the Dining Room on the right.  A place setting…looks just like home….

The house has been used for various activities since Queen Victoria died but they have now restored the rooms and tried to create the atmosphere as it might have been when she lived there both with and after Albert. The Victorian Era fascinates me so I was in my element.

osborne house

Osborne House from the Rear – On the right is the original Pavillion Wing.

Venturing outside the house we chose to walk down to what was and still is I suppose, the private beach where Victoria’s children played and learnt to swim. We took a quick snack at the café there and viewed the Punch and Judy show for a few minutes.

How very traditional the IOW is…Old fashioned deckchairs, fish and chips, seaside benches…oh it brought back many happy memories of childhood holidays by the sea.

Hope you enjoy the photos and you can also reminisce…if you’re old enough that is!

More pictures than words today…’Phew’ I hear you cry…


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  1. I believe Sharon or Amanda ran or worked in The Ginger Jar tea rooms back in 1983. Phil and I visited by chance back then and I seem to remember Ma telling me that. It may not exist now of course!

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