Father Christmas has moved in next door…

I know where Father Christmas is living and its NOT Lappland…


I saw through the window, on the street outside, a workmen setting up some electricity in the house next door. (He was taking it from the street light…hmmm) It’s a tiny house which has been empty for several years. I’ve been inside only once. The ground floor is one small room with a traditional Marche fireplace. It’s a perfect grotto for Father Christmas and that’s exactly what has happened.

Babbo Natale has ‘moved in’ for the duration of the Christmas period so that the children of Petritoli can come and visit him – (only during opening hours which seem to be a bit limited!)


I am living next door to FC – how wonderful! What a pity my granddaughter isn’t here to see him, she’s thousands of miles away in New York. Still, I expect Santa will be delivering there too, but he won’t be living next door!

I was so excited I just had to tweet about it and imagine my surprise when Father Christmas himself replied to my tweet! See below…


Happy Holidays Father Christmas…See you around in Petritoli…

11 thoughts on “Father Christmas has moved in next door…

  1. so how does The (grumpy) Man feel about his new neighbour? has he gone out there to complain about the laughter yet?

  2. Are you sure that it’s not Geoff!

    Send you lots of love at christmastime From London and wishes to you both for a very happy and healthy 2016 in uk and/or Italy. Hope to see more of you when you are in the latter!

    Have fun

    Lesley. Xxxx


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