Crikey! It’s Cricket…

There’s something strange happening in Monte Giberto, a little town close to Petritoli, on the occasional Sunday morning. Men running about shouting ‘howzat’ and ‘LBW!!’

One of the teams...
One of the teams…featuring the youngest and the oldest..

A young (ish) enthusiastic Englishman with a place here in Italy has decided it’s time to get the Italians into…pads, boxes and leather balls.

It's not meant to protect your nose from the sun Luigi!
It’s not meant to protect your nose from the sun Luigi!

I’m not really au fait with cricket terminology, ‘silly mid-off’, ‘flipper’, ‘maiden over,’ etc., and these are just smattering of what is indeed another language and I’ve got enough trouble learning Italian!

I Piceni is the name of the ancient people who lived in the area of Le Marche before being pushed out by the Romans.  It’s also the name of a restaurant and a few other local places no doubt but now the name is being associated with the latest craze…Cricket… it’s not a game the Italians are familiar with but they are putting their energies into team training, turning up on a Sunday morning to learn batting, bowling and fielding skills. It’s a lot of fun and at the end of the session there’s Pimm’s and cake…(homemade of course!)

Home Made Cake...
Home Made Cake…

There are, among the players a few experts, but the team changes every practice, some join some leave. But Dario, Ian and Francesco and a couple of others whose names escape me, are there every time.

Action Bowling from Dario
Action Bowling from Dario

The Man did attend, once and showed great wrist action and a true skill in ‘spin bowling’ but sadly his shoulder was painful; and I heard ALL about that; for at least a month afterwards. Will he give it another try? I think he’ll probably stick to cycling…We’ll have to wait and see…

The Man...
The Man…

At the moment the team is still in its infancy but watch this space to follow their progress and perhaps before long I’ll be blogging about their first match. I did notice that The Vatican had a cricket team but I think perhaps Rome will be a little too far for I Piceni to travel at the moment – sponsorship could be a problem. Perhaps the Vatican could travel over this way? Except the team don’t have a home pitch…yet…apart from Luigi’s tennis courts.


actionshotfrom italian

Enthusiastic Founder of I Piceni (at least I think it is but it's hard to tell under the regalia)
Enthusiastic Founder of I Piceni Cricket (at least I think it is but it’s hard to tell under the regalia)

8 thoughts on “Crikey! It’s Cricket…

  1. Thrilled that you are getting into sports writing at long last! Look forward to seeing plenty more of that genre.

    Not sure I buy The Man’s excuse about his shoulder. Didn’t seem much wrong with it after our pitching sessions in the bullpen down at the farm!!

    1. I’ll leave The Man to answer that one! Don’t think my report on cricket is anywhere near as good as his #myhour effort…do you think I should guest blog it? 🙂

  2. Greatly enjoyed your report ! P holding his own, things not too bad at all. He is tons better at home, peaceful and my superb cooking and tlc ! Much love to you all Val. Xxxxx

    1. Glad to hear P is doing okay…tell him I’ve made good use of the outdoor furniture paint! Everything is looking as good as new! x

  3. The way you tell stories is brilliant, I was wondering what The Man did in the end and if the Vatican is going to come.

  4. Next stop the Test Match. I’m sure I Piceni won’t have any trouble thrashing England! On a more serious note, I bet the Romans couldn’t push the Piceni out, they just went underground, so to speak, like the Gauls in Senigallia near us.

  5. Geoff is that the correct bat for baseball. Maybe that’s why he’s had trouble with his shoulder

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