Thailand in December…

Olivespastavino went on a trip to Thailand for a couple of weeks. This post is more about photos than writing, enjoy.

This is the house of our host (my son) absolutely beautiful….

We stayed in The Dog House in his garden….


and then in The White House  200 metres away….

The White House
The White House…on the Romance Resort…

Thoughts on Thailand.

pretty cow

Cow Bells


sunny afternoon

Misty cool mornings and sunny hot afternoons…


Street food, barbecued pork and chicken, squid on a stick.

Fried Insects
Fried Insects

Pancakes, chai-tea, fruit smoothies, fried insects…yes really!


Coconut flavours and coconuts everywhere, banana trees,(tiny sweet bananas),


fruit growing in abundance, mangoes, durian, papaya and more.


Bananas for the …….


Elephants – a little sad as not in a sanctuary but more a tourist industry.

Chickens, stray dogs, tropical birdsong.

A sleeping stray dog…they don’t move, not for anything…
night market
Night Market in Pai


Laundries, open fronted shops, jewellery, cheesecloth clothing, aging hippies left over from times past. Modern day hippies, young, tattooed.
7/11 stores and oh….in Chiangmai there was…..


Tescos…Hmm, Tesco/Lotus –

Wall of Rice
Wall of Rice

the largest store I’ve ever seen with a wall full of different types of rice in mega large packets.


Love the Thai food….

Flip flops…the most popular footwear for Pai.

Flip Flops

Busy Chiang Mai town. Mopeds, tuk-tuks, red taxis. A singing language impossible to interpret,
Sawadii (hello), mai pen rai (it doesn’t matter), sabai (chill/relax).

One of many Temples

Music and chanting from the temples can be heard for miles around, the sound travelling across the valleys.

Smiling faces. Barefoot children.
Hard working Thai people, on the land in the rice paddy fields. Heads covered in straw conical hats or headscarves. Many wear face masks to avoid breathing in the fumes from the hundreds of vehicles buzzing around town.

Colourful Hats
Colourful Hats

Colours, primary and bright, plastic trinkets in contrast to the local crafts and colours of the long neck tribes.


Water – everywhere. Pouring down from the hills. Jungle terrain except where cleared. Winding roads, 762 bends between Chiangmai and Pai and don’t we know it! We travelled the road 4 times.


I miss you Pai and Thailand, looking forward to the next visit already…don’t know when – but it will happen.




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  1. Just the scenery to brighten a January day. Lovely photos. Great houses too- all of them!
    (Have eaten deep fried scorpions. If it is crunchy I can eat it however ugly. Just can’t do chewy and slimy…..)

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