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A couple of weeks ago here in Petritoli the system of collecting the rubbish changed. When we arrived here there was no door-to -door rubbish collection but there were large bins located in several areas in the town and also on roadsides, I like that idea. There were usually four bins at each site, 1. General rubbish. 2. Glass. 3 Plastic and 4. Paper/card. There was no bin for organic waste and nothing for tin.

The reason I particularly liked the system was because back in the UK the bins were collected every 2 weeks and I would often forget to put them out. The stinky black bag would be stuck outside for another two weeks whereas here, I could take my rubbish and recycling to the bins everyday if I wished and not have them hanging around at all.

Well, they (whoever they are) decided we should have a door-to-door collection in Petritoli. They’ve given us a calendar so that we can see which day what is collected…and they’ve given us lots of literature so that we [the public] can understand exactly what we put in which bin…or can we? The scheme has been running since the 1st October 2014 and I wouldn’t say it was complete failure but neither would I suggest a magnificent success.


The Calendar for example; it’s clear that Monday is the day for Organic waste to be on the step, only they don’t really mean Monday they mean you have to put it out on Sunday evening for it to be collected between 10pm Sunday night and 6 am Monday morning. So, I’ve got that now, only made the mistake the first time. Second time it was there, outside my door to be collected during the correct hours but…they didn’t collect it because they don’t really mean door to door they mean somewhere in a prominent place in a main thoroughfare. So I’ve got that now…third time lucky.

Paper and plastic are collected in the same way, during the night, so the day stated on the calendar means put it out the day before. They do not collect glass or tin but they have put, in various areas of the town, big yellow bins specifically for these two items but…not everyone seems to have understood that so now other rogue items are finding their way into the yellow bins!


The recycling public area (the tip) is now open every Wednesday pm and Saturday morning, this is where you take anything that you’ve forgotten to put out and also other items that cannot be categorised and placed in designated colour coded plastic bags, brown paper bags or bins. Things like, let me see, oh yes, batteries, small and large electronic items, fridges, microwaves etc.,

The biggest eye opener to me is how much plastic we use as a society. I cannot believe it. I realised that the use was widespread but when I began to collect every single piece of plastic; wrapping, cartons, trays, bottles, bags, pizza containers and take-away containers…it is HORRIFIC! Why do we not use more glass? When I was a child we had glass milk bottles, glass fizzy drinks bottles, glass everything and you could take it back to the shop and get a few pence deposit returned. Why can’t we do this now? Why does all our food have to be wrapped in cling film? Also, pieces of cheese, ham or vegetables are place on a piece of polystyrene and then covered with cling film. Other food is vacuum packed in plastic. In all electronic stores, items are sealed in hard plastic which is often impossible to remove. I’m sure you all know exactly what I mean. We are living in a pre-packed plastic world.

I embrace the idea of recycling but it can only work if everyone gets involved.
I would like to know what happens after we have recycled because a little bird told me that often, it’s sold on and then…wait for it…then… it gets sold on again and possibly ends up in India and is placed in a big landfill, all materials back together again! I seriously hope this isn’t true but the cynical side of me thinks there is a strong possibility that this happens.

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  1. No, the new system is disastrous for all of us. I think the Communes want to Calabriaise the collection system. ie make it unworkable. Plastic wrapping sounds a single layer, but no its often an intelligence test of layers. But thank you for your blog as always.

  2. Recycling is getting pretty complicated in some English local authorities (not mine) – and they have open bags and bins for some kinds of rubbish, so it can get a bit squalid. On the whole I support the Italian, or Marchigiano, system – at least they’re trying. People are quite good about sticking to the rules in Corinaldo.

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