My hand written A4 pages tucked into my diary
My hand written A4 pages tucked into my diary

After taking advice from fellow blogger/writer Helen Yendall You can see her blog here  I have been trying to do morning pages. She got the idea from this chap here.

You are supposed go into action as soon as you wake up – as soon as you open your eyes I fear – three pages, of handwritten notes. It is supposed to clear your mind and then set you up for the day. Something like that anyway. I’m not particularly good at it because I never do the writing while I’m actually still in bed but get up first, let the dog and the cat out, feed the cat, feed the dog and put the kettle on…then I start the morning pages. You write anything/everything  that comes into your head. (stream of consciousness writing) It doesn’t have to make sense (a bit like this blog post really). I’m telling you all this because I’ve been doing it for less than a week and I think it’s good! It clears the mind of rubbish before starting the day properly, so, even if you’re not a writer it’s a good thing to do.

A few issues have come up:

1. It makes my wrist and elbow ache when I write by hand.
2. I think I write less than others because my writing is big and untidy.
3. It made me think about handwriting and letters and how sad it is that we don’t do it anymore.

Another author/writer/blogger, Sophie Duffy is transcribing a number of letters written by her great grandmother Mabs (see here) and it is fascinating reading, I love them. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to reproduce my emails, text messages or Facebook status in 120 years time.

I wonder how many people today find the time to handwrite a letter and send it in the mail. I’m sure plenty produce something for a special occasion; a birth, bereavement, marriage etc., and then often it’s only a card with a short note. Even postcards are sent less and less…so I believe, although I was left about eight of those in July to post on for some people who’d been on holiday here…I hope they arrived.

I’m going to say that I’ll try and produce one handwritten letter a month to someone. The trouble is I’m not very good at keeping my promises. ( I wonder if I’ll manage to keep up the morning pages?)

Confession here…..I’ve stopped going to the gym!! My friends said that I would and I hate to have proved them right. The problem was twofold. First my knee and my elbow both had massive attacks of bursitis and when I stopped going to the gym they miraculously recovered. Secondly, the summer came and it was just too awful going to the gym and being inside. So much better to be outside and go for a walk everyday. Sadly, I don’t manage that too often – particularly as the Italian weather has been a little…shall I say changeable…? Positively wintry at times over last weekend.

Winter Sky over Le Marche 3rd September 1014
Winter Sky over Le Marche 3rd September 1014


I’m hoping it will be a great deal better next week as I’m expecting two special visitors from New York! La nonna è molto felice ed emozionato. (Granny is very happy and excited)  I have begun a little collection of toys…not nearly enough I know – still have a couple of days to shop.

Toys for my nipotina
Toys for my nipotina

Off to write my first letter now. Who will be the lucky (unlucky) recipient?


8 thoughts on “Writing…

  1. actually i think people – if they don’t actually write more – certainly have a much larger and more appreciative an audience courtesy of the internet – so I am not in mourning for the demise of the handwritten letter especially as a) I didn’t do much of it anyway b) what I did write no-one could read c) in any event most of the content was junk!
    Carry on blogging and podcasting I say and look forward not back!

  2. ‘A stream of consciousness first thing in the morning………’ Not promising that I will be trying that. Struggling to get shoes and tights on in the right order most days……….

  3. How has The Man reacted to having to wait for his breakfast until you have finished your morning writing?!

  4. I’ve done the morning pages they are great – but you must try NOT to get involved with the dog and the cat first!!! That little pile of toys looks so fabulous… my heart is a little heavy. Still… plenty of time to grow it for the postponed visit??! October it will have to be! xxxx

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