Photo to Follow…..

I went to the gym yesterday and told Matteo that I wanted to take a photo of him for my blog.
‘You have WattsApp?’ he asked.
‘I send photo, now!’
He quickly rushed to his smart phone and after adding my number said,
‘I send it.’

Matteo (publicity shot I think)

You like it?’ he enquired, a big grin on his face.

I’ll let my readers be the judge. It is a great photo, posed of course and imagine having ‘one you prepared earlier’ ready for any request that might pop up.

He didn’t look quite like this at 10 am on Monday morning I have to say!

If you’ve not read the previous post you might wonder what this is all about. You can check it out on the link below.
Photo To Follow

5 thoughts on “Photo to Follow…..

  1. Ha ha ha….not at all. If you’re impressed by Matteo you should have seen some of the young body building lads that were there yesterday! Made me feel very old….them days are over m’dear. 🙂

  2. anybody think he looks like a young Lionel Ritchie? However if he has resorted to “photos to order” for ladies of a certain age – he really has to get out a little more often. A handsome lad all the same – mind you I bet he doesn’t know one end of a Fiat tractor (vintage 1964) from the other though – so, in truth ,what hope is there for him? only saying ….

    1. Hi Frances, thanks for letting me know. I’l try and find out more about it. He’s playing at the Royal Festival Hall on 5th July, a tribute to his work over the years. Should be a good evening!

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