‘Twas pig’s trotter…..

Yes, the mystery dish of the last blog post was PIG’S TROTTER, I think you either love it or hate it. It looked delicious and didn’t smell too bad, it had been cooked with fennel and sage in a tomato sauce. I took quite a large spoonful before I knew what it was. For me it was an unnerving experience, I did not like it at all. Gloopy, boney the texture almost made me gag. But I did try it, which I think is the important thing. A couple of people thought it was tripe which is a popular dish here in Le Marche but also something I just can’t stomach.

Pigs Trotter
Pigs Trotter

BUT for me this was the ONLY downside of the meal. The rest of it was absolutely fantastic. Delicate flavours, a variety of dishes, I have put the menu at the bottom and tried to translate it for you. My favourite was the butternut squash and potato soup with rosemary and sage. I also enjoyed the fried herbs, the pork with thyme, bay leaf, and marjoram (this was a pork scallop I think rolled and stuffed). Everyone around the table had particular favourites but the pigs trotter was enjoyed by a select few, or perhaps only two. The Italians seemed to enjoy it though!

I must remind you all that the cost of the lunch was only €22 per head for Antipasti (starters)  Primo (pasta, polenta, beans or other such dishes), Secondo (meat or fish mains) Dolci (desserts) and the price also  included, wine, liqueurs, coffee.

Involtino al centocchio e noci (nut rolls)
Frittelle di campo e crocchette mentolate (fritters and croquettes made from herbs and field plants)
Zampetti al finocchietto selvatico (pig’s trotter in wild fennel)
Pane del Parco aromatizzti (delicious variety of herb bread)

Crema di Zucca gialla e patate al profumo di rosmarino e salvia (soup as above)
Crespelle cicorie miste (pancakes with mixed chicory and tomato sauce I seem to remember)

Maiale in velo al profumo did timo, alloro e maggiorana con contorno di cicorie all contadina
Stuffed rolled pork with thyme, bay leaf and marjoram.

I dolci Petritolini
These were sweet biscuits with fennel seeds served with vino cotto (cooked wine which tastes a little like sherry/mulled wine)

After all this Lino appeared at our table with his homemade liquorice liqueur, it was very strong treacle like liquid. I managed a couple of glasses, just to be polite of course! I then spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping it all off.

Beautiful Sprig of Bay
Beautiful Sprig of Bay


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