Hammocks of Fun in the Evening Sun…

Jpeg (the dog) and Me Chillin...
Jpeg (the dog)chillin – and Me trying to relax in the mended hammock …

Yesterday evening, I climbed into my hammock with my Ipad hoping to read at least five short stories. To my horror, the damn thing collapsed and I fell crashing to the ground, unhurt but a little shaken. (my derriere obviously has plenty of padding!) I felt really stupid, even though it clearly wasn’t my fault but I’m sure if anyone had seen me it would have been like watching a clip from ‘You’ve Been Framed.’ It’s possible that it happened because of the large amount of food I had consumed for my Sunday lunch (a great curry cooked by great friends). My husband assured me that it was the rope that anchored the hammock to the tree that was worn through and nothing to do with my extra pounds. If he knew why hadn’t he fixed it? Is he trying to suggest a plot for a story? hmmmm It’s one of those things that I always thought would happen to someone as they rested in the hammock but hoped it wouldn’t be me! I was coaxed back into it after my husband had fixed it but I’m nervous now!

Empty Hammock...safer from a distance.
Empty Hammock…safer from a distance.

I have been reading a great deal. Short stories, novels, magazines, online stuff. I have learnt during my first year of serious writing that if you want to be a good writer then reading is what you must do. Read everything, even genres you wouldn’t normally be interested in because it all helps to expand your knowledge and inspire your imagination.

Later this week I am going to take part in a writing course in Tuscany at Art Umbria it’s a week long course but I’m just joining for one day. I am really looking forward to it and hope it inspires me to keep going. The course is with Sue Moorcroft. I think it will be splendid!

I love going over to Tuscany as we visit our friends Linda and Alan, who live close to Cortona, a beautiful town and famous of course for ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ written by Frances Mayes.

Right now, at this minute, I need to plant 20 lettuce that I bought the other day or they will die. After that  I can get back to reading in the hammock – on second thoughts perhaps I’ll stick to a sun bed.


‘The Man’ AKA my husband has been working very hard to get the garden and olive groves looking good for the summer. Last year he built a dry brick wall which is maturing well. However, I think over the next 3 weeks coverage of the Tour de France is taking priority…

Dry Brick Wall -  built by The Man. Didn't he do Well?
Dry Brick Wall – built by The Man. Didn’t he do Well?

8 thoughts on “Hammocks of Fun in the Evening Sun…

  1. Oh no! Ninette, I do sincerely hope the Big Bollywood Lunch wasn’t the cause! Poor you!
    But the farmhouse is looking fabulous, lovely photos and the Great Wall is looking good too.
    Have fun in Tuscany! xx

  2. Dear Ms Hartley
    The Man’s representatives have asked us to point out that regretfully, he is taking no further commissions this year. We are advised that the Tour de France and the Vuelta will be consuming most of his energy in the coming months.
    Whilst writing we would ask you to kindly remove the wilting lettuce from in front of our premises.
    Yours truly
    Doolittle & Dalley

  3. farm looking good, will have to panic weed before you come tomorrow….. or we could go to Joe and Sophie’s wedding. The reception is actually at the house where “Under the Tuscan Sun” was filmed!!!!! Why 20 lettuces…. I buy six and plant another six every 10 days or so, or when I remember! See you tomorrow

      1. Dear Ms Hartley
        Our clients representatives advise that he is, unfortunately, indisposed at present. They have asked us to pass on his apologies and a suggestion that as lettuces appear to be in abundance in Tuscany at the present time, a strategic removal might well obviate further anxiety and indeed also the requirement for the expenditure of considerable effort on our clients behalf.
        We have to inform you that future correspondence in this matter can only be undertaken upon receipt of your guarantee against our fees.
        Yours truly
        Doolittle & Dalley

  4. Make sure your husband keeps checking the hammock! Appreciate that this will be difficult during the Tour de France but am confident you can succeed

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