Sitting on the Stoop (The steps up to the front door)


Not long left for me now in Brooklyn but there is still time to do the New York thing.

Sit on the stoop. It’s cool to sit on the stoop when the weather is good. Some read the paper in the sun, drink coffee, play guitar or just chill out and watch the people on the sidewalk strolling around the neighbourhood or hurrying to work.  There’s a buzz in the atmosphere and the wonderful warm April weather causes everyone to be friendly and chatty.  White and pink blossoms are out on all the trees and the new leaves are shooting, I think this is possibly one of the best times of year to be here so aren’t I lucky?


People have Stoop Sales, where they put items out on the steps and either sit there all day trying to sell them or they put out an honesty box. Occasionally, items are just left


for people to help themselves, a charity begins at home situation. There are signs on some of the stoops…NO SITTING…NO SMOKING… NO ALCOHOL. In fact it’s illegal in America to drink alcohol in the streets or parks so no champagne picnic for us in Prospect Park!stoopsignstoopclad