Menu For Easter

Menu for Easter

Affetatti Misti – Mixed slices of prosciutto, various salami, lonzino…and more
A variety of warm home cooked breads – some with fennel seeds – delicious
Pecorino Cheese served with honey (traditional for Italy Le Marche also sometimes served with jam)
Bowls of cooked barley with beans, olive oil, onions, fresh mixed herbs and seasoning…

Steamed cabbage/lettuce leaves stuffed oozing with melted cheese

Crespelle with minced pork and with béchamel sauce (a pancake stuffed with minced pork and covered in béchamel sauce.
Tagliatelle with bacon and fresh cherry tomatoes
Roast pork served with deep fried breaded vegetables
Semi-freddo desert (like vanilla ice-cream with lemon sauce)

All this with gallons of red or white house wine (delicious) at a cost of €33 a head.

If I have got any of this wrong my apologies. There was no written menu so I couldn’t take a photograph and post it.
But, we all had more than enough to eat, it was served beautifully and the chefs worked hard and long! Complimenti!

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4 thoughts on “Menu For Easter

  1. I also remember steamed cabbage leaves stuffed with cheese – they were divine.
    The pecorino cheese was served with honey & a little chilli – mild but delicious. And the semi-freddo was da morire! It was all so delicious, I am seriously dieting today, Ninette. xx

    1. Ah Yes! Forgot about those. I think they might have been lettuce though as the leaves were very thin for cabbage. Delicious though! Will add them to the menu.

  2. by the way I ate neither the egg and liver or the cheese and honey as i felt i had to be a little restrained – and …. we could have had vino cotto limoncello mistra and grappa into the bargain and … didnt you (and your other correspondents) also forget the crispy green salad? maybe you didnt get any as I majored on it as a nod to the vegetarians out there – I have to say italy is a tough gig for veggies!

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