Food and Drink….Cibo e Bevanda

aperitiviWe’ve been in Italy for a few years now and it’s beginning to show around the waistline and other parts of the anatomy. The thing is, the food here is so good and the wine is excellent and it is all very reasonably priced. It is so hard to say ‘no’. Pasta is the staple diet and eaten every day here in various shapes and sizes and with a variety of sauces. It’s delicious.

I do try very hard to have a coffee without a croissant or a ciambellone (it’s a kind of doughnut) but I usually give in. Evening aperitivi at the bar is a must and they very rarely serve you a glass of wine without nibbles which can vary from crisps to intricate miniature sandwiches, pizza, pastries and the like. (see photo).  The Italians by the way cannot understand a culture where you just drink and don’t eat.

This morning I indulged in a cappuccino made from orzo, which is ersatz coffee made from barley. The Italians drink a great deal of it as well as their regular espresso. I had a cornetto integrale, which is a kind of brown flour croissant, with the emphasis on the brown flour, it has to be better for me surely?  For lunch we had ham and bread with tomatoes and pickles and this evening I am making a curry. All this is while we are supposed to be on a diet day!

I sat down yesterday and thought about all this eating and drinking.  I thought about all the things we say after Christmas every year and wrote this little piece. I hope you enjoy it!

They said they would get fit, lose weight, reduce wine intake, go easy on the carbs.
They said they would finish all chocolate in the house and then buy no more.
They said they would go walking, eat salad and enjoy every moment of the day.
They said they would take more fish, less red meat and stop with the cheese!
They said they would go organic, drink lots of water and learn yoga.
They said they would not watch telly but play cards and read aloud to each other.
They said they would not use their car unless absolutely necessary.
They said that it would help the environment.
They said they would be more ‘green’

That’s what they said.

6 thoughts on “Food and Drink….Cibo e Bevanda

  1. Look … I did all that shit and I’m still 100 kilos! but I did turn green!
    Cool beans gal

  2. Nice piece. All those mentions of Italian food are making me very hungry! Roll on Wednesday

  3. You really need to see the incredible selection at La Dolcissima, where we often get together, to appreciate that just limiting oneself to a single pastry with a coffee is positively saintly!! Next time, I WILL take a photo!! X

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