Getting Started

So…I’m blogging..after all everyone’s blogging and if I don’t jump on the bandwagon soon I’ll be left behind and I think I’ve got plenty to say. At least I thought I had plenty to say but now realise I don’t know where to start and as the title of this post is “Getting Started” I’d better sort myself out quickly!

Let me first tell you that I am living in Italy, in Le Marche we have a townhouse in the town (obviously!) and farmhouse in the countryside. We have just moved back down to the farm for the summer and at the moment we live on the first floor in a large bed sitting room. The rest of the house is rough…there is a new shower room on the ground floor which is adequate and the water is hot and running, it’s fine but going between the habitable room and the shower room is an experience. But I’ll concentrate on the internal side of things another time, today I want to focus on the outside.

Only a few weeks ago all the blossoms were out on trees, peach, apricot, plum, almond, apple and pear they all looked fabulous and to see all the different colours and catch the variety of scents on the breeze was exhilarating, refreshing and a proper “feel good” factor. Ah Spring…wonderful!


Apricot Blossom


Peach Blossom


Apple and Pear Blossom

This year looks as though it will be a bumper harvest of apricots and other fruits but not too sure yet about the olives which are recovering from a heavy and prolonged snow fall in February the like of which had not been seen for many years. It was the source of conversation for well over two and a half weeks which is how long the snow hung around for.   Some olive trees are still looking a little colourless and sad but with rain last week and now warm sunny days well into the 20’s they should begin to perk up.We have around 110 olive trees.

I am determined this year to really get the “orto” (vegetable garden) producing as much as possible so over the next few weeks I will have to work in it everyday. To date I have planted, french beans, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, fava beans….

Gonna stop blogging for tonight as my bed is calling…Also haven’t quite worked out what I’m doing so perhaps I can edit it all tomorrow!!!

Buona Notte  (goodnight)

3 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. buona notta to you too, hope I am the first person to make a comment??????
    tanti baci Linda

  2. nice work gel! see …. I told you that the longest journey starts with the first small step
    Keep it up!!! I am looking forward to the next instalment maybe it will involve “The Man”
    TM xxx

  3. Well done Ninette! I started reading these blogs backwards but I think they are very entertaining and true. Having lived in Italy 50 years this year I feel quite an expert…. Long may you continue!

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