Teaching the Dog about Selfies..whilst waiting for The Man….

Today I had to wait for the man while he had some physio treatment on his knee.  It was a beautiful day and I got back to the surgery a little early so decided to sit on the step in the sun. It was too hot to wait in the car. (25 deg probably…sigh).

Anywaysup…(can’t remember who used to say that, but I like it…) Got a bit bored hanging around so thought I try taking a selfie of me and the dog, her name is Jpeg so she should have known exactly what to do.  But, alas no…see below….

This way Jpeg...
This way Jpeg…
No look at the camera!
No look at the camera!
Not behind me look at the lens!
Don’t look behind me look at the camera!
Oh for heavens sake! Don't you want to have your photo taken?
Oh for heavens sake! Don’t you want to have your photo taken?
Right...you've got it but we're BOTH supposed to be in it!
Right…you’ve got it but we’re BOTH supposed to be in it!
i suppose this is as good as it'll get...
I suppose this is as good as it’ll get…

By the way….a man drove past me whilst I was sitting by the side of the road and he waved enthusiastically, I didn’t know him but rather than being miserable I smiled back. About five minutes later he came back, stopped beside me, wound down his window and said in Italian,

‘Is the dog tired? Can I take you somewhere? I think the dog’s feet are tired.’
I smiled and said,

‘No, the dog is fine and so am I, we’re waiting for my HUSBAND!’

I think he was trying to pick me up! Or maybe he had his eye on the dog…she is rather lovely, but a little modest and camera shy.



Last Sunday we went to the market in Rubianello, a small valley town about 5k from Petritoli. The sun was shining and I wanted to buy another pair of cheap comfy trousers to keep me going until the summer comes at which point I can’t bear to wear anything but a loose fitting lightweight dress.

The market people travel from place to place so you often see the same stalls in different towns. The stalls are varied; don’t think food with tempting pastries, pasta and other delights. These markets are functional, mostly clothes, household items, fruit and vegetables, flowers, shoes, haberdashery.

It’s a time for all the locals to passeggiare stroll and chattare chat to friends, take a coffee and browse the stalls. There’s lots of laughter and of course a great deal of gesticulating. It often seems when the Italians speak that they are in the throws of a massive argument as voices are raised and hands fly in every direction but usually it’s friendly banter, probably about football or husbands.

We bumped into a couple of people we know and did our own bit of chatting and we saw ‘our honey man’ from Petritoli. His small table was heavy with boxes of miele in favo honeycomb, several jars of different varieties of miele, honey, also beeswax and small jars of pollen. I’m not at all sure what you’re supposed to do with pollen it looks like a jar of Dijon mustard.

We wandered over to the fruit and vegetable stall as I spied some rather delicious looking strawberries from Sicily. They were only €1 a punnet. The stallholder then cajoled us into buying some red oranges; actually, he cajoled The Man as I am never easily persuaded to part with my money. It always seems when The Man comes shopping we spend twice as much and come home with too many treats!


The flowers looked fantastic, so many bright colours, mostly pansies and primulas but there were a few early geraniums. We bought half a dozen daisy things to put in the pots outside the front door. It cheers up the place so much and it really feels as though Spring has arrived!


Markets in Italy are well supported by vendors and buyers, I hope they continue to thrive even though there are now more out of town hypermarkets opening up. I love strolling down to our local market twice a month, chatting with locals, buying my honey and taking a coffee or two. It’s a great pace of life here in Le Marche. No hurry, there’s always tomorrow.

NOTE: I haven’t blogged for over two weeks…my ribs have been hurting, they’re much better now but that’s not the only reason I haven’t posted a blog. I am inundated with emails telling me that there is a [New post] from Bladiblabla – blog or whatagreatwriterIam – blog…Sometimes as many as three times a week! I think if you post too many times people get turned off but maybe I’m just jealous because I don’t seem to be able to blog regularly even once a week and on occasion not even once a month! Oh, It’s Wednesday again so teaching this afternoon, better put a bottle of wine in the fridge to cool ready for when I get back. 🙂

Delicious oranges and strawberries
Delicious oranges and strawberries